Why Boundaries Matter

You go in and speak to your doctor or therapist. You explain that you have all the symptoms of burnout. You're gaining weight. You are tired-but-wired. You are on-edge. You feel apathetic. What do they say? They say you should engage in more exercise, eat better, get better sleep....blah blah blah. Didn't they hear you say that you are exhausted? Here is the thing so many wellness practitioners forget to mention...if you want to have room for self-care, you first have to have the time. And the only way you carve out that time is by enforcing a boundary on it.

But How to Build Healthy Boundaries?

Plenty of people talk about healthy boundaries. But what exactly is a boundary? And how, exactly, does one go about the art of creating one? When we have built our relationships and our careers on the ability to achieve and to please, how are we supposed to just go in and reverse all that?

THAT is what this course is all about.

Boundaries Defined

We will explain the connection between a lack of boundaries, resentment and poor health. When we understand a thing, it is much easier to start the process of changing course.

Tools and Strategies

We will cover specific strategies and tools for building boundaries without having to sacrifice the integrity of our work or our relationships. We will explore why boundaries can make us feel MORE connected.

Rediscovering Joy

Once having learned the art of developing and defending our boundaries, we will explore how that can magnify our capacity for vitality and for joy. You will learn to advocate for yourself the way you already know how to advocate for others.

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Boundaries Are Precursor for Health

We often think that to have health, we must always find ways to add things. More work. More exercise. More sleep. But before we can add in those practices, we need to identify what we are willing to let go. Only when we are clear about what is most important and communicate those priorities to others can we hope to create lives that are truly balanced and salubrious.